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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Bookish Birthday


Besides getting to take two fantastic outdoorsy trips for my birthday (which was on Tuesday), I was also the lucky recipient of several new books. On Friday, my sister gave me Terry Pratchett's Night Watch and Sergei Lukyanenko's Day Watch. Then, while we were at Barnes & Noble on Sunday to pick up some books that he wanted, MB let me get a two-in-one novel of Eric Garcia's Anonymous Rex and Casual Rex from the bargain table, even though he'd already taken me on the aforementioned trips and given me Munchkin Bites:

When I told the bibliophile about the finding the Rex book for so cheap, she admitted that she'd already got me a copy for my birthday, so while Danger and I were at B&N tonight / yesterday for our weekly chai date, I exchanged the first Rex book for Hot and Sweaty Rex, after being tipped off by the bibliophile that it was also on the clearance table. Yay! On Danger's insistence, I also got to pick out two more birthday books, so after much pondering, I settled on Charles De Lint's Memory & Dream and Bridge to Terabithia. Hooray for bookish birthdays!


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