by velocibadgergirl

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lula would agree

I went to the library yesterday on my way home from work to pick up the copy of Odd Hours that I had on hold. The clerk told me I had another hold, and then said, "Aha! It's in the back!" She vanished into the work room and then came back out with a copy of Fearless Fourteen.

"Brand new and never been checked out!" she exclaimed, waving it around reverently, not in a spastic way, but as if to say Ta-daaaa! "The one we've all been waiting for, so we can read more about Ranger."

"I want to see her end up with Morelli," I admitted. "I'm in the minority, I guess."

"I don't care who she ends up with," the clerk announced with finality, scanning the book and sliding it across the counter to me. "I just want to hear about Ranger."

True that, sister. True that.



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