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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

books we love (ages 11 months and 4 years)

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because I have a four-year-old and I repeat myself a lot. A LOT.

I haven't done a kid book recommendation post in a long while and thought it might be fun to do another now that Nico is older.

Elliott, almost 11 months, likes:

1. Indestructibles books

Since Elliott chews on everything, I wanted to find him some books he couldn't eat. Someone on Twitter recommended these and they are great! He got Wiggle! March!, Creep! Crawl! and Flutter! Fly! for Christmas. The illustrations are really beautiful and they really are chew-proof, drool-proof, and rip-proof.

2. Barnyard Bath

Any bath book would do, but this one is particularly cute. I love Sandra Boynton's books.

3. V Tech Storytime Rhyme book

He got the non-pink version of this for Christmas and while it's probably a stretch to call it a book, he does like it a lot. And it's book-like and non-eatable.

4. Sassy Baby's First Books set

Standard baby's first books, but very cute.

5. baby's first words book

This was Nico's first favorite book so I got it out and started reading it to Elliott at bedtime. He likes to turn the pages and give the picture of the baby a big smooch. It's painfully cute.

Nico, age four, likes:

1. anything with Pete the Cat

I don't know how I was unaware of Pete the Cat before I encountered him at Nico's preschool, but Pete is pretty rad. And man, the kids LOVE him. We put Pete the Cat Saves Christmas in the book exchange for the class Christmas party and when it was opened the whole class hollered, "IT'S PETE THE CAT!"

2. Diggers Go by Steve Light

We got this book from the library and then maxed out our renewals after Nico fell in love with it. So now he has his own and reads it with MB every night before bed.

3. Just Me and My Little Brother by Mercer Mayer

Nico got this for Christmas and he loves it. At the end he always says, "His brother is a baby just like my little brother!"

4. Seedlings series of construction equipment books by Aaron Frisch

These have really nice photos and they aren't overly wordy. I generally don't mind wordy construction equipment books (and goodness knows we've read plenty), but these are nice and short and perfect for bedtime.

5. Stomp Dinosaur Stomp by Margaret Mayo

This one is a long-time favorite and we both still love it.

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Books Read in 2014

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

Total books read:  2